Learning Organizations

This category is about what Learning Organizations are and strategies for creating and nurturing them like Kata, A3s, set-based engineering and design, etc.

Evolving Open Space at ProKanban.Org

When I got my license to teach ProKanban.Org courses in early 2020, the pandemic was just around the corner and with health restrictions in place, opportunities to meet other trainers in-person were more difficult unless you live in the vicinity of other PK trainers. Fortunately, last month, ProKanban.Org trainers had their second in-person Face-to-Face since …

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What Agile gets wrong about DE&I

I was recently introduced to an incredible study about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Agile by the Business Agility Institute based on interviews and surveys with over 400 agile organizations. The report takes an academic approach to outlining critical concepts that we likely all think we know and may be blurring the lines between. And …

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Une autre saveur de crème glacée

Tel fût la réaction de mon collègue lorsque je lui annonçais le dépôt de ma candidature pour devenir un formateur pour ProKanban.org à la fin de 2020. “C’est juste une autre saveur de Kanban” me dit-il. J’ai écouté sa réaction et son argumentaire à propos d’organisations qui désiraient bénéficier de la popularité du mot Kanban. …

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