About Me: Passionate about helping people and organizations reach their true potential, Ciprian is a coach and trainer based in Zug, Switzerland.

With a strong background in working with cross-cultural teams in fields like computer science, fintech, and marketing, Ciprian believes that today’s work paradigm is continuously changing, substantially and irreversibly. Embracing new ways of working and constantly provoking the process is the only way for organizations to achieve their goals.

Ciprian has a track record in helping thriving organizations use Agile as a strategic business asset, not only for product development but also for culture change.”

Courses I teach: APK, AMP, ASPK & AFMS

What I enjoy about being a ProKanban Trainer – The Kanban community has a significant impact on the way people create value across industries

Offers Private Classes: Yes

Favorite Quote: Yesterday you said tomorrow”