James Farley

United Kingdom

About Me: Some people have cupboards bigger than my home office.., but I’ve managed to get enough gadgets and gizmos in there to make it a pretty reasonable place for me and my puppy (mini poodle-cross) to escape the bustle of my 3 strong, independent children.

I was once given some feedback from a line manager, who said that I was, “the worst person they’ve ever had to line manage” because I’d always ask “why” then told to do something. My children have helped me to understand just how annoying that can be 🙂

One more potentially interesting fact about me is that I even use Kanban (including setting of WIP limits) to manage my own continuous personal development.

Courses I teach: APK

Offers Private Classes: Yes

Favorite Quote: “We tend to regret the things we chose NOT TO do, more than those we chose TO do” – (adapted from) Mark Twain