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Why Choose ProKanban’s Internal Training?

Every organization is continually striving to improve its operational performance. This endeavor often requires a reliance on external consultants, coaches, and advisors to provide training classes, guidance and planning for their teams. These engagements come at a fully justifiable, but significant price tag. We at would love to bring you the advancements in Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Predictability that your organization is seeking in the form of a more sustainable and cost effective solution.

The ProKanban Internal Trainer Program is more than just a training initiative—it’s a transformational journey. Designed to deeply embed the philosophy of Kanban within the heart of any organization, this program transcends traditional teaching methods. Instead of merely focusing on the fundamental concepts, it emphasizes integrating the philosophy of flow, flexibility, and feedback into every facet of an organization’s operations. By doing so, it seeks to nurture an ecosystem where agility, responsiveness, and continuous improvement become second nature. As industries evolve at a breakneck speed, having a foundation rooted in flow principles equips companies with the adaptive prowess they need to not just survive, but thrive amidst change and uncertainty

Our Internal Trainer Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to equip your internal team leads and coaches to become experts in driving for continuous improvement and a more predictable flow of value within your organization using our four courses:

The ITP program is for organizations who want to improve their ability to deliver value and be more effective. Organizations who are interested in establishing an internal capability for teaching, coaching, and improving flow with practices from the Kanban Guide.
By embracing this program, you can establish an in-house cohort of trainers, who will consistently equip your teams with the necessary skills to become experts in flow/value delivery, eliminating the reliance on costly external consultants.

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"The ITP was a turning point for ensuring our teams were all operating from a consistent set of practices and metrics"

Key Benefits

Consistent Approach to Flow
Implement a unified methodology across teams, ensuring everyone speaks the same ‘flow’ language.

Scalable Learning
Training modules designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Advanced Flow Metrics
Equip teams with the ability to measure, understand, and act upon key flow metrics to optimize performance.

Hands-On Experience
Practical exercises and simulations that mimic real-world challenges.

Enhanced Collaboration
Through understanding and applying Kanban principles, foster a culture of collaboration and transparency.

Expert Trainers
Benefit from the wisdom and experience of seasoned Kanban professionals from within our global community to support your journey.

Organizational Outcomes

Improved Efficiency
With the consistent application of Kanban principles, organizations can expect smoother operations, reduced cycle times, and minimized bottlenecks.

Cultural Transformation
The organization will experience a shift towards a more collaborative, transparent, and feedback-driven culture.

Customer Satisfaction
Faster, more predictable delivery cycles lead to happier customers and potentially increased business opportunities.

Enhanced Team Morale
A strategy to manage work in progress leads to reduced stress and an enhanced sense of accomplishment among team members.

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