Training Partners Professional Training Partners is a group of organizations that has officially recognized as providers of training. Professional Training Partners work with PK members to deliver Professional Kanban training and abide by the high quality standards of

Professional Training Partners members align with the Code of Conduct, and are committed to improving how teams deliver value in part by providing training.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Professional Training Partners group, contact us and let us know.

55 Degrees is a Lean/Agile products and services company that strives to help people and teams reach their goals with the least possible stress. We achieve that through delivering coaching and training on topics such as Agendashift, Scrum, Kanban, Metrics, and more. We also help people put that learning into practice through world-class software products such as ActionableAgile Analytics, our flagship product.

Actineo is a training & coaching consultancy that specializes in Business Agility. Our aim is to unleash people’s potential to improve business outcomes.

We take pride in the quality of the learning our training delivers. Our focus is to optimise the learning experience to ensure high levels of engagement and interaction. We do this by incorporating advanced classroom techniques such as “Training From the BACK of the Room!”. Our classes are optimized for a live virtual learning environment.

We play an active part in the Agile community and are the organizers of the Lean Agile London and Lean Agile Global conferences. Our team are well-known international speakers delivering influential talks for the global Agile community. We have created resources which promote curiosity, learning and self-organization such as the Kanban Guide. This is a self-coaching tool for people and teams exploring Kanban. We have also curated an extensive library of video materials which we refer to as Business Agility TV.

Adaptiflo is a Consulting and Training company specializing in Agile Product Development and Leadership. Our mission is to improve lives by helping to improve ways of working.

Our consultants are recognized voices in Agile Product Development and Leadership Coaching.

Helping people and organizations improve their ways of working, to make the workplace more humane.

Agile for Humans is the premier Agile, Scrum, and Kanban training provider, specializing in and course offerings. Founded by Professional Scrum and Kanban Trainers Todd Miller and Ryan Ripley, Agile for Human aims to uncover better ways of working together. Agile for Humans is a proud partner of and used their extensive online teaching experience to co-created the online Applying Professional Kanban (APK) course in partnership with Daniel Vacanti.

Agile School is a training company whose mission is to empower people so they reach their personal and professional goals.

We are part of Agile.Inc, a Technology, Product, and Agility consultancy, that works to help companies solve complex problems, develop better digital products and accelerate digital transformation.

Boostaro helps organizations make data driven changes needed for enhancing and advancing their reach and in-house functionality.

Regardless of each client's focus area, goals, or unique company challenges, Boostaro’s approach to the underlying details of digital solutions allows for unique and complete transformations for all of our customers.

We are a boutique consulting company and trusted strategic partner in Lean-Agile enterprise wide transformations. We successfully served large and medium sized organizations across industries. Our aim is to empower and mobilize your entire enterprise with specialized trainings, coaching and consulting. Our strategy is to create and empower a dynamic network of internal change leaders. Together we accelerate organizational and cultural change by establishing transformational alignment, momentum and self-reinforcing behavioural change patterns on all levels of the enterprise.

Our expertise include Professional Scrum, Professional Kanban, Flight Levels, SAFe, Management 3.0 and Agility Assessments.

Improving is a leading product development and training company that prides itself on providing the highest degree of expertise to its clients. With offices across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Improving is deeply rooted in its commitment to establishing trust- not only with each other but with their clients, partners and the broader community. They aspire to do this through creating transparency, delivering results, continuously improving, clarifying expectations, and keeping commitments. Improving is one of the largest providers of agile training in North America, having delivered training to over 28,000 happy participants.

Jolsons-Chi is a training and consulting organization focused on providing professional training to meet the needs of individuals, organizations and governments. Our team of professional and certified trainers are always on-hand to deliver quality and innovative training approaches to our clients worldwide.

We also leverage partnerships and collaborations with renowned professional organizations worldwide to meet the needs of our clients. Given the emerging future of work as well as evolving economic landscapes, we rely on the principles and values of Agile as well as other innovative approaches to deliver value to our clients, when and how they want it.

Pyxis, an Agile specialist in Quebec for the past twenty years, has been training and advising professionals and companies who wish to transition to Agile management methods to boost their growth. Our consulting services help maximize team and governance effectiveness. We help professionals and companies reach their full potential through a human-centered approach and well-known methodologies. Our dedicated team is here for you to help with online training, coaching or consulting.

tryScrum’s mission is to humanize organizations by going deeper to unlock knowledge and accountability, and challenge current thinking patterns in order to drive transformation. They bring the right people together to establish a mindset that will enable organizations to achieve sustainable transformation. brings value to clients by building knowledge and skills through their training, coaching and consulting services. tryScrum provides the highest quality Scrum training, training materials and qualified instructors to teach them. Through, they helped 7000+ individuals and organizations create awesome teams by developing a culture of trust, empowerment and engagement.