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Introducing Small Batch Certifications: Your Quick Path to Skill Advancement

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new “Small Batch Certifications” program, designed to provide a swift and accessible pathway for individuals eager to boost their expertise. These certifications offer a condensed and complimentary version of our renowned paid certification courses, making it easier than ever to gain valuable knowledge and skills.

What are “Small Batch Certifications”?

It’s no surprise that here at ProKanban.Org we are big fans of working in small batches! Our Small Batch Certifications are tailored to meet the needs of learners who seek a streamlined, time-efficient learning experience. We understand that not everyone can commit to the extensive demands of our full-length courses, so we’ve created a solution that bridges the gap between a complete education and a quick, focused learning opportunity. All this, free of charge.

Flow Metrics Fundamentals: Your First Step

Our inaugural Small Batch Certification, Flow Metrics Fundamentals, is your gateway to mastering some of the core concepts of our courses. This program is carefully designed to be shorter in duration, lighter in material, and free of charge. Yet, it delivers a significant portion of our course fundamentals, allowing you to enhance your knowledge and skills while proudly showcasing your achievement.

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Key Benefits of Small Batch Certifications

Quick and Convenient
These certifications can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes to finish our full courses, making them idea for busy professionals and learners with tight schedules.

Fundamental Knowledge
By completing these certifications, you’ll gain a strong foundation in essential course principles, providing a valuable head start in your learning journey.

An Achievement to Celebrate
Similar to our larger certifications, Small Batch Certifications come with a digital certificate, giving you a tangible representation of your accomplishments.

Free of Charge
Small Batch Certifications are offered at no cost! Thus, eliminating financial barriers and ensuring accessibility to everyone.

Please Note – Small Batch Certifications do not come with a Credly badge – Students will receive a downloadable digital certificate via email.

Take advantage of this opportunity to accelerate your learning and professional development!
With Small Batch Certifications, you can embark on your journey to mastery TODAY in a way that suits your pace and commitment level.
Join us today and discover the power of condensed learning with lasting benefits.

Accessibility and Accommodations: Ensuring an Inclusive Exam Experience

At ProKanban.Org, we strive to create an inclusive environment for all students taking our online exams. We understand that some students may have visual impairments or learning differences that require additional time or specific accommodations. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone. If you require any accommodations or support during the exam process, we encourage you to reach out to us at Our team is dedicated to working with you to ensure that your exam experience is accessible and tailored to your needs. Your success is important to us, and we are here to support you every step of the way!

Prepare for the Assessment

The assessment is moderately difficult as compared to our full assessments, but some preparation is required to achieve a passing score. Reading the Kanban Guide is helpful. Additionally, we recommend reviewing the following topics/resources:

To protect the integrity of the certification process, does not share information about the specific questions that were answered correctly or incorrectly.

Using the Google Translate plug-in to take the Small Batch Certification Assessment

For those of you who are not native English speakers, we have had many assessment takers successfully use the Google Translate Plug-in to help when taking the test.  We cannot guarantee the quality of the translation, however feedback has been quite good. Learn more about how to use the plug-in HERE

Assessment Profile

  • Number of Questions – 15
  • Time Limit – 15 minutes
  • Passing Score – 85%

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