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ProKanban.Org’s emphasis is on hands-on practical learning that people can easily put to use, and we are always thinking of new and interesting ways to bring that learning to our community! With our special events, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in numerous practical sessions and workshops that cover various concepts from our professional kanban courses; Applying Professional Kanban, Applying Metrics for Predictability, Applying Flow Metrics for Scrum, and Applying Scaled Portfolio Kanban.

Whether you’re new to Kanban or seeking to refine your skills, our special events page is your gateway to a world of knowledge and practical expertise.


A Hands on Introduction to Flow This is a live virtual workshop led by Colleen Johnson & Prateek Singh. Are your customers and stakeholders unhappy with how long it takes to get things done? Have you tried various different practices, but haven’t been able to achieve steady and predictable flow in your process? Curious about how to take your current practice to the next level?
ProKanban.Org invites you to join a hands-on introduction to flow.

In this session we will –
– Play a flow simulation game
– Gather the data to help understand the results
– Discuss the outcomes and observations from the game
– Understand how to apply the learnings in your context

Come join us for this two hour session! Upon attending this session, you will receive a discount for the Applying Professional Kanban course with any of the ProKanban.org trainers. The value of the discount will be equal to the price of admission for this session.
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10:00 am – 2:00 pm ESTLive Virtual

Photo by İrfan Simsar on Unsplash