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Kanban Training

What is Kanban?

Does your process suffer from lack of effectiveness, efficiency, and/or predictability? That’s where Kanban can help.

Kanban is really about a 4-letter f-word: FLOW. It is flow that ensures that we are able to deliver value continually to our customers. It is the observation of problems in flow that help us retrospect and improve the process. Read on for more information…

What is Kanban

Kanban Training

ProKanban.org offers trainings that help your teams and organizations take their agile practice to the next level. Whether you are just starting out with agile, looking to enhance your current implementation or an experienced practitioner looking to deepen your knowledge, our trainers are here to help you out. Professional Kanban Trainers (PKTs) are professionals licensed by ProKanban.org to teach the official Applying Profession Kanban curriculum. They are experts in Kanban and have extensive experience applying, leading, teaching, and coaching. Trainers continuously evaluate and improve themselves through the use of student feedback and student assessments.

The Applying Professional Kanban course is for anyone who wants to improve their ability to deliver value and be more effective. Kanban is fast becoming the modern way to manage an organization’s delivery of customer value. In today’s always-on environment, you need a clear set of practices that don’t get in the way of your ability to continuously deliver but that provides enough structure to keep everyone aligned and focused. This two-day course will give you an in-depth introduction to improving your team’s effectiveness by applying Kanban flow principles. Learn More

The Applying Metrics for Predictability course is for anyone who has been asked to answer “When Will It Be Done?” or otherwise had to give an estimate for a User Story, Epic, Feature, Project, and/or Release. This includes executives, managers, or team members who want better understanding and transparency into the health and performance of their process. Anyone who currently uses Agile or Lean Methodologies and is interested in how to improve the overall predictability and efficiency of their current practices will benefit from Applying Metrics for Predictability. Learn More

Kanban Certifications

The Professional Kanban level I (PK I) assessment is available to anyone who wishes to validate his or her depth of knowledge of Kanban and its application. Those who pass the assessment will receive the industry recognized PK I Certification to demonstrate their fundamental level of Kanban practitioner knowledge. Learn More

The Professional Applied Metrics (PAM) assessment is available to anyone who wishes to validate his or her depth of knowledge of flow metrics for predictability. Those who pass the assessment will receive the industry recognized PAM Certification to demonstrate their knowledge of probabilistic forecasting Learn More

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