Become a Trainer

PKT Selection Process and Application

CAVEAT OF CHANGE: This process continues to evolve as we work with trainer candidates and existing trainers. You may see some of these steps change slightly based on feedback from the community.  If you have any questions at any time in the process please contact us at

Step 1: Prerequisites is looking for people with deep experience as trainers who are interested in helping others learn how to apply kanban in a professional setting. To apply as a PKT candidate, you must first:

Step 2: Get Certified invites all trainer candidates to start their journey by taking the Applying Professional Kanban course.  We encourage you to connect with the trainer ahead of time to let them know you are a trainer candidate and build relationships within the community.  Who knows, you may even co-teach a class in the future! Once you have completed your course, it’s time to take the PK I assessment! We are looking for a score of 95% or higher on the PK I exam for all PKT applicants.

Step 3: Submit an Application

Once you take the course and assessment it’s time to submit your application. We want to get to know you! Our application gives you an opportunity to tell us about your experience and motivations for becoming a PKT. Please include on your application some of the challenges that you have faced coaching kanban teams and how you have dealt with them. Applications will be reviewed and follow-up conversations will be scheduled to determine next steps. There is no application fee.

PS – This is a great time to join our ProKanban.Org Slack community if you have not done so already – doing so will also ensure that we are able to communicate quickly and easily with you throughout the rest of your PKT application process.

Step 4: Take the Professional Kanban II (PK II) Assessment*

As part of our commitment to evolve and improve these processes based on feedback from our trainer community, we have recently added this step to the PKT application process.

Through the end of 2023, we are asking our applicants to sit for a session of the PK II exam (for free) and give us feedback on the assessment questions and material. This exam covers more advanced kanban topics and concepts from a practitioner perspective, and we have found that applicants who have had a chance to practice this exam before they apply to become a trainer are more confident throughout the rest of the application process. Once your application is reviewed, we will reach out with a free exam code and information on the rest of the process, including the peer review.

*Starting in 2024 we will be adding a requirement for all PKT applicants to have also achieved a passing score of 85% on our Professional Kanban II assessment in addition to the above requirements and prerequisites.

Step 5: Peer Review

Once your application is reviewed, we will delve deeper into your knowledge, training skills, and your plans to contribute to the ProKanban community through a one hour interview with other trainers and/or advisory board members. This session will include a mock training of the course content of your choice with peer feedback on your mastery of content and teaching strategies. Following the peer review, the group will review to pass you as a PKT or guide you toward further study.

Step 6: Join the PKT Community!

Review and agree to all the terms of being a PKT, which are contained in the trainer license. Two key terms include teaching Professional Kanban courses to achieve course learning objectives and participating in one in-person Global Trainer Meeting each year. 

Fee: For trainers who teach in primary markets, the first year license fee is $2000 USD (discounts exist for secondary/tertiary markets).

Ongoing costs once licensed to teach: Each time you teach the course, you pay a per-student fee to Your students receive two free PKI assessment attempts after taking the PK1 course. Note that trainers in secondary/tertiary markets receive discounted pricing on per student licenses.

Cost to join Global Trainer Meetings: All PKTs attend one exclusive Global Trainer Meeting each license-year term. There is no fee to join these events, however, travel may be necessary. Several choices are available each year in the US and Europe. 

How to Start?

If you are ready to become a Professional Kanban Trainer, Click HERE to fill out your application. After your application has been submitted, a member of our team will reach out to you for scheduling a peer review session.