Scaling Portfolio Kanban Learning Resources

Definition of Scaling

Unleashing the true power of Kanban by Colleen Johnson, Daniel Vacanti, and Prateek Singh in The Kanban Pocket Guide

Operating the Portfolio Kanban System

Want to be more Predictable? Do These Two Things Every Day… by Julia Wester, Scrum.Org (talks about WiP and Work Item Age)

Scaling without scaling by Julia Wester,

Portfolio Kanban by Karl Scotland,

Improving the Portfolio Kanban System

Conway Is Killing You And Little Is Helping By Prateek Singh, HackerNoon

Strategy At Scale

Don’t Be A Ditka By Daniel S. Vacanti and Prateek Singh,

Strategy Deployment, the X-Matrix and Kanban Thinking by Karl Scotland,

All Things Metrics and Predictability

DrunkAgile YouTube channel