José Coignard

French & English

About Me: I’ve always learned and progressed through adversity, a legacy from my earliest years that I owe to my parents and one of my first elementary school teachers. A fighting spirit in studies and sport that has enabled me to gradually push back my limits.
I dreamed of taking part in the Olympic Games on a badminton court, of making the top 100 in the world, of taking part in the Olympic Games… but that wasn’t my destiny. However, it was through badminton that I met my wife and discovered more about her (Japanese) culture. Is this what led me down the path of agility? of the Toyota way? in part, I imagine, because in the end, everything we do and discover in life has an impact on our evolution.

After more than 15 years around IT software management, leading project, product and people, I want to share my experience and knowledge with as many people as possible, and not only my 2 kids.
Help me to achieve that new goal by joining me in a Prokanban class 🙂

Courses I teach: APK

Offers Private Classes: Yes

Favorite Quote: “To get going, all you need is 5% of the answers to your questions. The other 95% come along the way. Those who want 100% answers before setting off stay put.” – Mike Horn.